About Us

Someone at the Door is a Community Band of around 30 musicians based in Bromsgrove in North Worcestershire, England. Our music is based on Brazilian Samba, blended with influences such as Reggae, Hip Hop, Bhangra and other great rhythms from Jamaica, Cuba, Africa, USA.

As a Community Band we welcome people of all ages and abilities who want to play, recruiting throughout the year.

We are a non-profit organisation; our revenue being invested in band instruments and development.

We are continually exploring new ideas and enjoy collaborating with other musical groups.

We think the appeal of our band is that we all enjoy what we do both in practice and performance – and we strive to portray this with our energy and enthusiasm!  We are lively, friendly, engaging and fun!

Each year we elect officials to oversee the running of the group. We also have an involved committee who support the activities and development of the band.

  • Dan Boss (Secretary)
  • Joe Taylor(Treasurer)

Contact Details

Contact us by Email: info@someoneatthedoor.co.uk

Joining Us

Unfortunately we’re not currently recruiting new members. Please feel free to keep an eye on our social media for updates.

What do you need to play samba?
Mainly enthusiasm and a sense of rhythm; you don’t need to have played music before and you certainly don’t need to read music – it’s all done by ear and following hand signals!  There is no joining or tuition fee. We welcome people of all ages and abilities although we do ask that children are accompanied by an adult in-line with our Safeguarding principles.

For more information, please email us.