Detailed Booking Form 2016

Please complete the booking form below if you wish to book the Samba Band. We will get back to you within 4 days with availability and pricing options if we have not already advised you of these in earlier correspondence.

Items below suffixed with a  *  are required.



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    You can download a booking form if you prefer. Please complete and take to a member of the band who will pass it on to the booking organiser.

    A copy of our current public liability certificate is also available for download.


    1. When playing static sessions, the minimum performance space/stage size required is 30’ x 30’ (10m x 10m).
    2. In order to deliver large instruments as close to the venue as possible, the band require at least three free/reimbursable car park spaces. Should venue design make this impossible, a suitable dropping-off point needs to be made available.
    3. It would be helpful if there were storage facilities for the large instruments between performances.
    4. Please provide information on access arrangements, directions and road restrictions at the time of booking or at least three weeks prior to the event.
    5. It would be helpful to have a suitable space for the band to have a 10 to 15-minute warm-up prior to the first performance.
    6. The standard fee includes two 30-minute sets. Additional performances are negotiable.
    7. If any of the details you provide on this form change, please contact the event administrator immediately.
    8. Please let the administrator know if you want some band publicity or if Someone at the Door can help in the promotion of your event in any way.


    Please contact us by email on:


    Please contact Adam Joyce on: